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A Malmö-based company (One2tel Malmö) needed an easy way to track their orders.

Along with a former Microsoft employee, a back-end developer by the name of Doug Gale, I created a powerful PHP-based order management system for telecom industries.

Bagasell dashboard

I was responsible for the full management process and the UI design.

Bagasell new order

We customized Bagasell exclusively for cold-calling within the telecom industry. That is, the employees call customers and sell them extensions of their phone subscriptions.

Since it's a hard closing market where an employee might close anywhere between 1-20 customers per day, we had to make it quick and easy for them to register their sales so they can maintain their focus on what's important for them.

We used autocompletes, preset dropdowns, an easy-to-use edit mode & more.

A way to place an order for the future, which makes sense for the telecom industry, was a requirement.

This was one of the many problems we faced. Some customers had subscriptions that ended in a month from the sales date, so there had to be a way for the employees to remember to register those sales. This also prevents other employees to "steal" someone elses customer by mistake.

Bagasell pick units Bagasell finalize

We also added an obvious comment system which makes it possible for the employees to communicate with their sales service department.

The order history section allows users and managers to get a quick visual overview of what's new, what's pending, what's registered & more.

It also allows the users to quick-edit their order, place additional comments, get a quick-view of the customer they sold to & more.

We also added a daterange picker, an ajax search system that automatically updates the rows upon searching, filters & pagination

Bagasell notifications

Bagasell utilizes a full-blown notification system where the users can keep track of all noteworthy events.