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I encountered Ulf Nietosvuori, owner of Siriusrestaurangen. Ulf proved to be well versed in the importance of having a professional company profile in the digital world.

During the meeting we came to the various points that needed to be improved on their website, and a few problems that needed to be solved.

The old Siriusrestaurangen website
The old Siriusrestaurangen website

First and foremost, it was very tedious for Ulf updating the current website, he needed a CMS with a short learning curve.

We decided to use WordPress for this, which is easy to make out because you do not need to write any code in order to refresh the page.

The purpose of redesigning the website was mainly because Ulf wanted to broaden the target audience to include a younger generation as well. For this he wanted to modernize the website so that it looked more interesting, fresh and inviting.

I used all of the pictures that they had taken earlier in various food etc. And a link between the website and Instagram which many of the younger generation of Internet users could relate to.

At first glance, you are welcomed by an emotional picture of the food that characterizes the restaurant. Then follows a brief visual presentation of what the restaurant has to offer, and what added value the customer could expect from the restaurant.

The new Siriusrestaurangen website

The idea of the new food menu was to create a sense of minimalism and a certain luxury. However, there were some technical problems that needed to be resolved before the menu could be fully implemented. It is based on AJAX, which creates various problems both for SEO and when trying to access specific parts of the menu via links. I solved this using jQuery hashchange and the result is that you can access the desired parts of the menu directly, for example their wedding menu.

Other problems I encountered was that the old side was built on the tables which made it somewhat difficult to make it responsive.

This was more or less the most important part of the whole project, the fact that the site had to be responsive for all platforms and devices. This problem I solved rather quickly when I built the page from scratch and used media queries to make the site adapt to both computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Ulf did not have a concrete vision of how he wanted the site to look like, except that it had to be responsive, modern and suitable for a wider audience. Already at the first draft of the new design, he felt that the solution seemed appropriate. The final result can be seen here